Bilingual Workforce Development Training Program

As we move farther away from Katrina, the programs and services originally offered at the HBRTC have accordingly evolved. Today we are proud to offer the only web-based bilingual soft skills workforce development training program in the State. Adult learners can study at their own pace at the Center with the assistance of a Hispanic instructor/case manager, or can work from computers at home or the library. We have enrolled over 200 adult learners per year into the workforce training program since it began in 2008, and have placed over 150 learners  per year in full time jobs. HCCL engages with the local business community to help fill their employment needs.

Being housed on the campus of our partner Delgado Community College – Jefferson Campus (formerly the Louisiana Technical College,) many of our adult students have gone on to enroll in vocational training programs studying nursing, welding, refrigeration, etc. As we help to build a more skilled labor force, the economy improves and all parties benefit.

The Hispanic Apostolate of Catholic Charities was our very first partner at the HBRTC. Today that partnership has blossomed into an even closer relationship and together we work to serve the Hispanic population. Whereas immediately after the storm only workers themselves came to Louisiana, as time has passed, their families have joined them here and they have put down roots and placed their children in our school systems. Housed with us at the Center, the Apostolate’s Promotoras de Salud (Health Promoters) provide health counseling, and arrange for medical care for Hispanics who can’t otherwise access treatment due to language barriers. They also provide educational programs, emergency assistance, immigration services, workers’ rights workshops, citizenship classes, ESL classes, and most recently, first-time homebuyer seminars.

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